Keynote Speakers

July 2nd, 2018

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya
Director, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab,
The University of Melbourne, Australia

CEO, Manjrasoft Pvt Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

New Frontiers in Cloud Computing for Big Data and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications




July 3rd, 2018

Prof. Gianluca Vinti


Director of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

University of Perugia, Italy


Approximation Problems for Digital Image Processing and Applications




July 4rd, 2018

Prof. Yong Ge


State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System (LREIS), Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Scaling methods for geoscience data